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(v1.2) the easy way of exporting excel data to sql expressions


XLS2SQL is a small Excel File which consists of two parts:
  • a front end which faciliates entering data
  • an excel VB macro which does a hard job
data stored in sheet columns is treated as fields data of DB


  • converts up to 10 tables at once, up to 22 fields for each table
  • creates one sql INSERTS file for all resolved tables
  • does not need any DB connection thus not uses any DB data
  • internally resolves unknown values
  • easy interface and fully accessible source code
  • simple fit the code to ones needs
  • tested with MS Excel 2k & XP and MySQL DB

Changes v1.2 (2005 11)

  • added a sheet MAX which extends functionality by adding more tables and fields to use (10 tables, 22 fields)
  • small bugfix in main code to assure scalability
  • added obligatory quotes to empty field values to avoid two consecutive commas in SQL (,,)
  • added clear button to clear all user data

What, Why, Where?

  • What: The XLS is a format of Microsoft(R) Excel files which is used to store spreadsheet data. Data is stored in columns and rows which together create sheets. The SQL is a language commonly used in database programming. XLS2SQL (read as XLS to SQL) allows data migration from excel sheets to queries written in SQL language.
  • Why: Due to constantly increasing data amount and complexity of methods in application I wrote for company X I had to move all data from excel to database. The obvious choice was an MySQL. This program made easy moving plain data from excel sheets to database tables.
  • Where: I used Visual Basic which allows easy access to excel cells and is bundled in excel application. So to run file, MS Excel is neccesary.